Thornblood is an open world first person fantasy RPG in development by Rampage Games. It features skill based leveling, high player agency, and will be released with over 100 hours of game-play.

Thornblood game tents

145 items are usable, have stats and can be picked up, including 25 weapons of 4 weapon material types.

Thornblood fort

Enemy AI is responsive, humans use tactics in combat, casters use cover, and undead reflect the traits of their previous lives.



Live game-play screenshots:

Thornblood game tents
Thornblood game tents





Developer: Rampage Games

Rampage is proud to be one of the seemingly endless list of (British*) game companies that begin with the letter R. It maybe some sort of rite of passage or something, but we’ve even trademarked it so its technically official. Rampage is an independent game development studio located in the North/Midlands area of the UK. Website: Rampage Games.

* apologies to Riot.